Plattång Braun ST 570 Satin Hair 5

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Om du letar efter hemutrustning till basta pris, missa inte Plattång Braun ST 570 Satin Hair 5 och det breda urvalet av diverse husgeråd!

Satin-Hair 5 multistyler with IONTEC – more styles, less frizz
Discover the style artist in you. This makes curls and waves as easy as straightening. Its revolutionary curl shaper technology allows perfectly defined, smooth curls in one simple stroke.

Create a new you every day whilst restoring the shine and health to your hair when styling, thanks to innovative IONTEC technology.

This straightener features advanced hair protection due to temperature regulation and 100% true ceramic floating plates. So it prevents over-heating and protects your hair from damage and breakage.

Curl shaper
4-in-1 Multistyler with curl shaper is uniquely designed to make curling as easy as straightening. It comes with 100% seamless and perfectly rounded edges to protect hair from damage caused by tearing, tangling and breaking.

IONTEC Technology
Unique technology protects the health of your hair for touchable smoothness and shine. Millions of active ions restore the moisture balance of your hair and instantly tame frizz and fight static.

100% eloxal ceramic plates
The 100% true ceramic plates provide friction free gliding and are resistant to styling product residues.

Unique floating plate
Ensures easy gliding with less tension to minimize friction and stress to prevent hair breakage.

Manual temperature regulation possible
For maximum styling control.

Multiple temperature settings
3 settings for maximum styling flexibility and healthy styling.

For safe usage around the world.

What is a curl shaper?
Braun developed the shaper to give users an extra feature to create beautiful curls and waves. The aim is to make curling and waving as easy as straightening. The curl shaper is a specially designed area on the outside of the tool with smooth sides and a unique cooling rib on the top and bottom sections. These areas are ergonomically and seamlessly shaped allowing a curling and waving action to occur when the hair is wound around the tool. This allows perfectly defined, smooth curls through a better gliding of the hair during the cooling process, creating beautiful looks in one stroke for any hair length.

Why is the curl shaper better for your hair than other appliances?
The specialized rounded edges on the top and bottom of the plates are made round so they do not risk damaging and breaking the hair when curling but rather smooth it into shape. Also the burr-free edges protect hair from being tangled and pulled.

What is Braun IONTEC?
Braun IONTEC is a combination of a rich stream of active ions and specially designed product features unique to Braun that together offer maximum hair care. The unique ceramic plates with superior heat control is a breakthrough Braun innovation proven to provide healthy and shiny hair.

Why are active ions important in hair care?
Hair has its own surface charged that leads individual hair strands to repel each other – a phenomenon we know as static or flyaway.
Once ions start to interact with the individual hair strands, they enable any fly away or unruly ones to sit next to each other again without pushing each other apart – no sticking out!
The result – significantly boosted shine and restored smoothness whilst diminishing static and frizz.

Braun Satin-Hair 5 ST 570. AC-inspänning: 100-240 V, Växelström Frekvens: 50/60 hz. Produktens färg: Svart. bredd: 5,2 cm, Djup: 35,4 cm, Höjd: 11,1 cm

  • AC-inspänning: 100-240 V
  • Växelström Frekvens: 50/60 hz
  • Produktens färg: Svart
  • Enhetstyp: Varm
  • Temperatur (max): 200 ° C
  • Keramisk värmesystem: Ja
  • Uppvärmningstid: 40 s
  • Jonisk funktion: Ja
  • Temperatur (min): 130 ° C
  • Automatisk avstängning: Nej
  • Justerbar termostat: Ja
  • bredd: 52 mm
  • Djup: 354 mm
  • Höjd: 111 mm
  • Vikt: 400 g
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